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Sydney, Australia, 22 August 2012

Being recognised by the Australasian Promotional Products Association, the organisation representing the promotional products industry in the Australasian region is a great achievement shared only by a select few professional promotional marketing companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Branded Products™ has joined an elite group of industry professionals who have received awards for promotional excellence.

Branded Products™ was presented with the Silver Award for Merchandise Programs after taking on the very challenging and demanding merchandise requirements for the Respect Our Work industrial campaign which lasted nearly 6 months

During the Respect Our Work industrial campaign of 2011-2012, the Australian Nursing Federation of Victoria required maximum public awareness to help its cause. Branded Products™ exceeded all expectations of their most challenging project to date. Working around the clock, they delivered hundreds of thousands of items in lead times which areconsidered impossible in our industry (at times less than 2 hours).

 What the client said:

“The demands we placed on Branded Products™ were extraordinary and they met every one head on and delivered! Their ability to meet our demands played a significant role in making sure our message was delivered to the wider community and was absolutely critical to the success of the campaign.”

What the judges said:

•  Phenomenal logistics and creativity 

•  Extremely tight time lines and not a single one missed.

•  Great added value to their customers

Branded Products™ staff worked numerous weekends and evenings to ensure our client had what was required at any given time. 

Numerous impromptu phone meetings needed to take place, we were on call to our client (many times in the evenings and weekends). At one point during the roll out we met our clients for 7 evening’s straight to ensure the proper strategy, fulfilment and quality standards were perfect. Many of the 40 plus deliveries were arranged on weekends including multiple deliveries in 1 day (over critical weekends when many rallies were scheduled for the same day).

We made sure the client and our decorators were always able to contact the Account Manager 24/7 (a service required and often used). Key factors contributing to the successful management of this merchandise program include:

•  Debt free status and financial strength of our Company.
•  Logistical management skills and dedication of our team in manageing the complexities of this campaign especially over weekend and public holidays.
•  Strength of our relationships with local and overseas suppliers and decorators developed over 13 years, whose assistance was invaluable.
•  Extensive industry experience.

Summary of Merchandise supplied.

187,600 Stickers
100,000 Awareness ribbons
25,000 Car flags
20,238 Printed red t-shirts
12,870 Santa hats with printed message
10,800 intesity Bic gel pens
10,000 Placards
5,000 Balloons
4,700 Bandanas (4000 100% Australian made)
3,800 Ponchos
2,025 Fund raising tins with customised printed labels
2,000 Stubby holders
700 Madrid straw hats
300 Conference satches
100 Safety Vests

Total number of branded items 381,333 plus 3,800 unbranded ponchos.


Branded Products™ is a 100% Australian Owned Company that supplies branded promotional products, marketing merchandise and branded clothing in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart and all other areas across Australia.


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Branded Products™ wins award for Promotional Excellence